Syracuse – Trattoria La Foglia

This 2700-years old city of Syracuse has put its charm on me. I am so attached to the narrow streets and stunned by its constant beauty. For some reasons, I spent my days there having lunch at this very same artistic restaurant.

Location: Ortigia Island, Syracuse, Italy
Price: €30-40 per person (full course)
Suitable for: Solo travelers, couples, family, art and classical music lovers!

La Foglia means the leaf in Italian, where the restaurant itself is fully decorated with wild flowers and leaves. I personally love wild flowers because they represent the strength and natural beauty, unlike other flowers which need to be nurtured. This family-run restaurant has a similar ambiance, which shows the natural beauty of a Sicilian home with the soothing classical music playing inside.

When you go to Sicily, you can never go wrong with seafood. You can try their specialities which are the dishes with sword fish or tuna. However, this restaurant is also known for its various vegetarian menus.

La Foglia’s signature grilled mussels (left) and tiramisu (right)

I tried several dishes including their signature grilled mussels (with secret ingredients they would not tell) covered in leaves. The secret recipe creates a very exotic taste. I must say that this is the best dish I tried here, although I also love their home made ravioli with ricotta cheese inside. Pasta always tastes good in Italy, but you may notice the difference if you eat so much like me.

Last, do not forget their mouthwatering desserts. I tried their signature granita mandarina, a sorbet-like dessert made with Sicilian orange named sanguinella (blood orange), which is very refreshing. If you like the more classic taste, try their tiramisu.

Indeed. It was the best tiramisu I have ever had with very light taste yet dense texture. I ended my lunch with their homemade limoncello (I know, everything they serve is actually homemade!). I am not a fan of liquors so this one does not go well with my tongue, but I needed to try this since it is the signature drink in Southern Italy.

We all know that Italian food never fails. However, this restaurant offers a different taste than other places I tried. All the dishes they serve tastes like something made by your grandmother, it feels like home.


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