London – Speakers’ Corner Cafe

Care to find the best brownies in town? I’m gonna share a bit about this small cafe in Hyde Park, London, to all chocolate lovers out there.

Location: Marble Arch entrance
Price: Normal
Suitable for: Anyone!

Hyde Park is a must-visit place in London. It is worth a visit, trust me. Do you know that the squirrels here are stunningly friendly? They would even shake hands with you!

When I visited this park for the first time, I was having a headache. Then, I found this small cafe near the Speakers’ Corner. I wanted a cup of hot chocolate at first, but then a chocolate brownie called upon me. I am a chocoholic. I can never refuse anything related to chocolate.


You know what? I eat LOTS of chocolate ever since I arrived in London, but the brownie I bought here is literally the best.

When I first touched it, the cake was so hard, cold, and does not look pretty at all. After I got the first bite, the chocolate melts smoothly in my tongue. It does not have the sweetness of sugar, but not so bitter like dark chocolate. It does not taste like milk chocolate as well. It’s just…. DELICIOUS.

I tried the hot chocolate as well (Yes, I ate chocolate brownie and drank a cup of hot chocolate!). They also have interesting varieties of tea, in case you would like to spend your afternoon like an English.

Eventually, the cakes and pastries they sell here are freshly made by Colicci. With such tradition, no wonder that they are extremely tasty!


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