Frankfurt – Easyhotel

This is my first time going to Frankfurt, Germany, and I really wished I could go around the city. Too bad, I was too busy working.

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Ideal for: Solo or group, budget travel
Rate: €50-100 per room (2 persons)
Nearest station: Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof


To be honest, this can be a good place to stay, since it is strategically located within 7-minutes walk from Frankfurt Main Station. It can also be reached by tram, and you can find cafes and restaurants easily within this area. Frankfurt Festhalle (Messe) is another 7-minutes walk on the opposite way of the station, with Skyline Plaza nearby. So, it is a very strategic accommodation, indeed.

However, it is not recommended for business purpose. I was visiting Frankfurt for working, and it was a terrible place to stay. Firstly, they charged for wifi. That might sound normal, but the worst thing is they do not even provide any table inside the room. No glass, no trash bin, no room service, and of course no breakfast.

What I found most hilarious is, the room has a TV, but I could not find any remote controller to turn it on!

Depending on the purpose of your stay, a place could be a bliss or disaster. Certainly this is not a place I would call as ‘bliss’, but it would not be a disaster for me have I not come there for business purpose.

I would possibly enjoy staying there if it is for holiday, where I don’t need internet connection (and a table!) for work; where I would buy mineral water at convenience store nearby every single night without complaining; where I don’t need to get up so early every morning to catch the schedule; and where my mood would be much better without any work bothering my mind.

So, if I had a chance to go to Frankfurt again, will I stay there? For leisure purpose, I might want to try somewhere else although this one is also acceptable. For business, definitely no.


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